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Gravisite Conference Guidelines

There are a few important guidelines that were created to warrant a successful and safe conference for each attendee.  We ask that you respect these requests.


 Attire: Business Casual.  Shirts, Pants, and Shoes are required at all meetings.  No swimsuits, or cut-off shorts are permitted during the Presentations/Breakouts and Provided Meals.  This is a warm climate, and we strongly suggest you do NOT wear suits and/or ties.


Presentations: All presentations are an 'informal' structure, meaning there will be a Q&A session at the end of each Presentation and throughout the Breakouts.  Please interact, ask questions, provide advice and feedback.  We are all here to learn.


Sharing Information: All attendees are encouraged to interact with one another.  That being said, THE SHARING OR EXCHANGING OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED!


Attendance: Spouse/Significant other, are allowed to attend all meals with the purchase of a guest badge.  Due to the dynamics of the conference, we discourage the attendance of spouses, significant others, and children through the Presentations/Breakouts.  Thank you for understanding.


Alcohol: Our dinner meals will provide drink tickets. Additional alcohol may be purchased. We reserve the right to refuse additional alcohol to anyone we judge to already be at (or beyond) a reasonable limit.  Our decision, right or wrong, is final.

Travel & Billing: If you have questions in regard to Invoice Statements, Hotel Stay, Travel Changes, or any other concern, please contact Nina Saurey (801)719-7641 (

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