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Gravisite Conference Guidelines 

To ensure a successful and safe conference for all attendees, we kindly ask that you adhere to these guidelines:

Attire: Business casual is the preferred attire. Please wear shirts, pants, and shoes during meetings. Swimsuits and cut-off shorts are not permitted during presentations, breakouts, and provided meals. Given the warm climate, suits and ties are not recommended.

Presentations: All presentations are informal, with Q&A sessions throughout. Please engage, ask questions, and share your thoughts.


Sharing Information: Interact with fellow attendees, but do NOT share or exchange confidential information.

Attendance: Spouses/significant others are welcome at all meals with a guest badge. However, due to the conference's dynamics, we discourage their presence during presentations and breakouts.

Alcohol: Drink tickets will be provided for dinner meals. Additional alcohol can be purchased. We reserve the right to refuse alcohol to those already at or beyond a reasonable limit.

Travel & Billing: For inquiries about invoice statements, hotel stays, travel changes, or other concerns, please contact Courtney Overcash at (404)514-1293 or courtneyo@retailstat,com.

Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated.

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