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2019 Conference Overview




3:00PM          Pool Side Social Organized Sponsored By: Matthew P. Casey & Associates                                           Poolside

Open outdoor bar next to the pool (indoor bar/lounge if weather requires an 

inside stay).  This is a great chance to spend time with some old friends, make 

new friends, greet those new to our research conference and network. 

This a friendly relaxed environment.  All are welcome; Beach attire. 

*Disclaimer: This event is not affiliated with the Gravisite Conference



6:00PM           Cocktail and Conversation                                                                                                                Poolside/Veranda                             Come enjoy drinks and appetizers with friends and colleagues to kick off this

year’s conference.



THURSDAY, 03 MAY 2018 Morning Session


7:30AM           CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST                                                                                                          2nd Level Foyer

                           Sponsor Booths


8:30AM           Welcome Meeting                                                                                                                            Sand Key Ballroom

Douglas Munson-Greeting-Conference Introduction

Conference Theme: Embracing Change

Bridgette Klinchuch: Overview of the Conference Agenda


9:00AM           Keynote Speaker Mike Lee - The Future Market                                                                       Sand Key Ballroom

Mike Lee, Founder of The Future Market, will present captivating ideas and

concepts surrounding the future of food and retail, including innovations and

disruptive influences; Mike will also explore the mindset and tactics that are

necessary for 21st century food and retail companies to master in order to stay

agile, innovative and relevant in these changing times, including how big

food/retail needs to shift their ways in order to discover new pockets of growth

for now and the future


10:00AM         BREAK/Sponsor Booths                                                                                                                     Second Level Foyer


10:15AM           Current Issues in Supermarkets: What Are We Selling & Why?                                             Sand Key Ballroom

                            As a comparative analysis to the keynote presentation, Jim Puffer of Gravitec

Development will take us on a walk-through of modern supermarkets, examining

current trends and issues within the individual departments; topics include nutrition,

organics, free-range, natural foods, antibiotics, growth hormones, sourcing,

distribution, labeling, gluten-free, GMO, health supplements, prepared foods,

meal kits and more; attendees will better understand how these issues and trends

can impact the ultimate success (or failure) of a supermarket


11:20AM          BREAK/Sponsor Booths                                                                                                                     Second Level Foyer


11:30AM          Panel Discussion - Mobile Data Technology:                                                                              Sand Key Ballroom

                           Fad or Game Changer for Retail Real Estate

                           Moderator - John Tippetts (MTN Retail Advisors)

Panel will explore the dynamics of the emerging Mobile Data Technology,

including the value-add versus cost-benefit to retailers and real estate

centric groups;panel participants will include current users and non-users,

giving attendees differing perspectives and the opportunity for Q&A


12:00PM          Competition Tracking by Planned Grocery                                                                                 Sand Key Ballroom

Presented to you by our Key Note Sponsor Company: Planned Grocery,

David Beitz, George Daigh, & Niles Helmboldt.  Grocery retail is changing

faster today than ever.  Technology, delivery, meal kits, and in store special

amenities are just some of the things that are changing consumer behaviors;

behaviors that traditional real estate companies have depended on for years. 

This evolution will impact store sizes, store formats, store branding, and most

importantly new store locations.  Never before has data driven analysis been

so important. 


12:30PM          LUNCH                                                                                                                                  Water Colour Restaurant



THURSDAY, 03 MAY 2018 Afternoon Session


1:30PM           BREAKOUT SESSION: Technology


Chain XY : Making The Most of Your Data                                                                                 Sand Key Ballroom

                           Instructed by Nick Ison (Chain XY) Come learn strategies, tips, and

                           tricks for how to best manage your information overload.  Using live

                           examples and a DIY approach, we’ll explore the best tools and strategies

                           in managing and using your geographic and demographic data, collecting

                           information in the field, and how to blend everything together into one

                           cohesive picture- all while minimizing the need to involve your IT

                           department, and using tools you may already have!  This session is suited

                           to attendees who have a basic comfort level with technology, and for all

                           types of roles within the realm of Market Research.


SiteSeer Technologies: More than Grocery Research                                                        Madeira/Indian Shores

Instructed by Sam Lowder, Vice President of Business Development 

with SiteSeer Technologies. Most research departments provide a wide

range of analysis, not just sales forecasting or market potential analysis. 

The majority of time is spent with analyzing new stores and markets, but 

often those in our industry are asked to help real estate or other

departments with helping find tenants for vacant space in centers,

determine which of the stores are more similar to the site, screen markets

and sites for new concepts or formats, etc....We will be discussing analysis

and tools that can help support multiple functions of your organizations.


B.I. Spatial: Deep Dive into Mobile Data                                                                                                    Siesta Key

                           Instructed by Andy Moncla, Chief Operating Officer, B.I. Spatial. Using

                           raw mobile location data, Andy will demonstrate how B.I. Spatial utilizes 

                           Alteryx to transform big data into market, customer and competitor insight.

                           Some of the topics covered will be using Alteryx to harness the data,

                           creating trade areas, assessing cross shopping and the value of appending

                           shoppers with segmentation.  Come find out why EVERYONE should be 

                           using mobile data.


2:30PM            BREAK/Sponsor Booths                                                                                                                                                  


2:45PM         BREAKOUT SESSION: Modeling & Technology


SitesPlus: Modeling Issues Forum                                                                                                 Sand Key Ballroom

Instructor by Kevin Anderson at Kevin R Anderson Consulting.  

A frank discussion of common issues with regard to uses and abuses within

the modeling process.  This will be a interactive discussion covering topics in

modeling that the audience has experienced and what some alternative

solutions to the problems are.  Bring your questions on how you approach

certain struggles and let's work together to solve the problem!


Site Location Workshop: Critical Modeling                                                                         Madeira/ Indian Shores

Instructed by Bob Gorland (Matt P Casey & Associates) and Christian

Ormond (Ahold/Delhaize). This is a classroom style discussion where we

will evaluate a variety of techniques, levers, pitfalls and questions commonly

asked about gravity modeling and forecasting.  We will discuss such topics

as what do dollar and limited assortment operators mean to each model? 

How do we approach leakage in a changing landscape of ready to eat meals,

home delivery, and e-commerce?  How do I balance/project stores with

Pharmacy?  We won’t claim to have all the answers, but we can help enlighten

you to alternative workarounds, help you understand the risks in modeling,

and help you think outside the box.


VMAXX- Artificial Intelligence in the Physical World                                                                              Siesta Key

Instructed by Glen Fields.  Learn how to use the tools you already have today

to drive your physical world business with Al-software.  We'll address topics on

the retailer side, as well as properties.  For retailers: How do you measure and

drive in-store conversion (Product & Zone Engagement, Customer Journey,

Sales Conversions)?  For properties: How do you measure tenant and property

health (Property Circulation, Tenant Health, Cross Shop)?  This session is ideal

for anyone on the marketing, sales, or operational sides of the business today.


3:30PM            AFTERNOON NETWORKING & SNACK                                                                            Second Level Foyer

                            Sponsor Booths: Product and Service Offerings                                                                      


6:30PM            DINNER                                                                                                                                            Sand Key Ballroom



FRIDAY, 04 MAY 2018


7:30AM           CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST                                                                                                                             Foyer

                           Sponsor Booths


8:30AM           LIDL: What's Next                                                                                                                            Sand Key Ballroom

As a follow up to last year’s informative Lidl pre-opening discussion, David

Rogers of DSR Marketing Systems will provide an overview of Lidl’s 2017

incursion into the US, including the underlying real estate and operational

assumptions made by Lidl; based on their initial successes and failures, David

will discuss what can we expect from Lidl in the near future and how retailers

are responding to Lidl’s evolving US market strategy


9:15AM           BREAK/Sponsor Booths                                                                                                                                                     


9:30AM           Reemerging Role of the Neighborhood Grocery-Anchored                                                  Sand Key Ballroom

                           Shopping Center   

As President and CEO of ShopCore Properties, Luke Petherbridge brings a

unique perspective and understanding of the important role and relationship

between the neighborhood shopping center and the supermarket; Luke

embraces the importance of analytic-driven real estate decisions and will

discuss how this mindset positively impacts ShopCore’s ability to insure the

success of retail tenants within their portfolio 


10:15AM           The Evolution of the Mall                                                                                                                Sand Key Ballroom

Continuing the previous presentation theme of the transforming shopping

experience, Clay Hallman, Director of Real Estate Research at Simon, will

discuss the present state of the US mall, while providing a review of how malls

have evolved over the years; given the disruption and turmoil facing many big

box anchors, including Sears, BonTon and Macy's, mall owners are looking for

creative ways to embrace changes in the retail landscape, including an increasing

opportunity for supermarket and non-traditional retail tenants


11:00AM          AM BREAK                                                                                                                                                               Foyer

                           Conference Survey Distribution


11:15AM            Panel Discussion                                                                                                                               Sand Key Ballroom

A popular addition to last year’s conference, Moderator Brad Markle

(Ahold/Delhaize) and Panel Participants will discuss the conference theme of

Embracing Change within their respective companies; based on this year’s

presentations, breakout sessions and idea exchanges, can the Site Location

Industry remain relevant and value-add if we “maintain the present course” or

do we evolve with the changing landscape by embracing new technology and



11:45AM           Conference Wrap Up                                                                                                                      Sand Key Ballroom






Wednesday, 01 May 2019 through Friday, 03 May 2019

Clearwater Beach Marriott Suites on Sand Key

1201 Gulf Boulevard, Clearwater Beach, FL 3767

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