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MTN Retail Advisors is proud to host the Annual Gravisite Conference

Site Selection Technology Conference



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Wednesday, April 29th through Friday, May 01, 2020

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We look forward to having Jamie Gull as our 2020 Gravisite Keynote Presenter.  Jamie is founder and Principal of Salt Realty Advisors, a boutique consultancy partnering with retailers, developers, and other industry businesses on strategic planning, project design, analytics, financial analysis, project management, site selection, and transaction execution.  Salt’s clients come from a broad cross-section of the industry including retail, fitness, analytics, mixed-use development, and pop-up retail.

Jamie will be presenting on Elevating the Customer Experience Amidst a Perfect Convergence of Change.  He will be leading an in-depth discussion on how multiple converging phenomena are reshaping customer expectations and behavior and, ultimately, reshaping their perception of the customer experience. Today's demands affect technology, demographics, competition, macro-economic forces, social trends and so much more.


Over the course of his 20+ year career, Jamie has directed literally thousands of real estate transactions totaling many millions of square feet of space.  Prior to founding Salt, Jamie led multiple dynamic growth programs for iconic, best-in-class retailers including Head of Real Estate for L.L. Bean, Chief Development Officer for CorePower Yoga, and Head of Real Estate for Cabela’s.  Additionally, Jamie has guided significant land development projects totaling thousands of acres including leading Redstone Development as Principal and Chief Development Officer. 


Jamie holds an MBA from the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University and a BS in Political Science from the University of Utah.  Jamie is on the Board of Advisors for thought leading companies such as MTN Retail Advisors and LocateAI.  Jamie is based in Portland, ME where he and his family love to engage in all varieties of outdoor adventure.

2020 Theme




About the Conference

The Gravisite Conference is a forum promoting the sharing of knowledge and ideas among Site Location Research and Real Estate professionals.  Every attendee will be impacted by the dynamic topics presented and will learn from peers and educated presenters.  This allows each of us to leverage our unique insights, knowledge and expertise.  We're confident that this venue and atmosphere will be a catalyst to Elevating Customer Experience through an Analytic Perspective.  

Attendees recognize the numerous opportunities and challenges facing the Supermarket and Retail Industry.  While the retail industry remains an ever changing landscape, rarely has the confluence of so much transformation and change occurred at the same time.  As such, the role and impact of analytic-driven insights are more critical than ever!

MTN Retail Advisors, LLC is privileged to manage the conference and we recognize our responsibility to bring a value-add experience to you and your organizations.





Registration is now open.  We will offer an Early Bird Special through February 14th, 2020.  Coupon Codes must be used upon purchase.  These codes are emailed out individually.  If you did not receive one, please contact Nina (nina@mtnra.com), requesting a discount code. 

Justify Your Attendance

Do you need to justify your attendance for this year's event? Here are some details as to what you will gain and how it will positively impact your life, as well as the company you work for.

Elevating the Customer Experience Through an Analytic Perspective: Whether our role is retailer, developer, landlord, consultant or broker; whether we develop, support and/or employ analytics in our day-to-day roles, we ALL have customers.

As related to the retail experience, the following are thought-provoking questions that will be addressed at the 2020 Gravisite Conference:

1.      Will local shoppers recommend your store to friends, family and neighbors, and why?

2.      Is your store simply a convenience to shop at, or are you providing an experience that continues to invite

         the customer back?

3.      What does your store offer that competitors do not and how are you sharing your offering with current       

         and future customers?

4.      Is your company struggling through the changes that are rapidly taking place within the market?

5.      What are you doing to elevate your customer experience using analytics and technology?


Learn, Engage, Network and Reward Yourself


Dynamic topics presented that relate to the challenges and opportunities facing the Supermarket and Retail Industry.  

  • Future Tactics in Retail

  • How to build your business and embrace the surrounding community

  • What's working and what isn't

  • eCommerce

  • Lidl's incursion into U.S. Market

  • Reduction in capital expenditure

  • Wave of bankruptcies/empty retail space

  • Consolidations and mergers

  • Differing formats and demographic shifts



Attendees will learn from peers and educated professionals in the industry.  This allows us to leverage our unique insights, knowledge and expertise.  

  • Presentations and breakout sessions foster new ideas and encourage productivity

  • Round Table Event for maximum engagement & problem solving

  • Gravisite attendees gain insight and new ideas by discussing tactics and sharing personal experiences

  • Sponsorship opportunities provide even more engagement with attendees



Gravisite continues to promote an environment conducive to networking; an important component to any successful conference. 

  • Network opportunities in a fun and casual atmoshere

  • Attendees represented from all over the Nation

  • Grocery Chains 

  • Shopping Center Ownership 

  • Developers

  • Municipalities

  • Analytic Software and Consulting Businesses


Based upon survey results, we are pleased to announce a change of venue for this year's event:

 Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa

400 Mandalay Ave, Clearwater, FL 33767